Who we are

3 APPES Ltd. is an innovative company established in July 2011. We entered the market with a desire to create a variety of innovative software solutions. While working for various companies we have gained different experiences in programming, design and software development. Our team is driven by a desire for new challenges and constant development.

What we do

We are in the business of developing round the table solutions throughout numerous platforms and developing environments. Our team offers various solutions for web projects, mobile applications or software development. That includes developing websites, applications for web, mobile and desktop and more. In addition to developing your application, we also take care of the overall feel and user-experience with a unique graphic design and interface.
We believe that the key to success is providing our clients with a wide variety of solutions and never to limit our reach to a specific tool or product. That is why we are always on the move, expanding our knowledge and experience, so that we can accommodate our client’s needs easily.
Apart from our services we are also developing our own innovative products which range from business process enhancers and automation to entertainment products.

How we do it

When it comes to turning your ideas into digital reality, we base our work on precise consultations through which we obtain all the necessary information needed for completing your project. Our approach is professional, swift and in accordance with your needs and preferences. Believing that a satisfied customer is a good customer, we are always available for further consulting and support, even after the project is finished.
We rely on the tools available today, but we never hesitate to develop our own proprietary tools, if we believe that it will benefit and enhance the quality of the final product.

General info

Company location:Slovenia
Field of expertise:IT development
CEO and founder:Jernej Hartman
Year established:2011
Contact number:+38641 61 55 66
Contact e-mail:info@3appes.com
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