Sound Lock released! May 27. 2012

We have released an application named Sound Lock. It deals with the problem many people encounter while watching late night movies or TV shows on their PC – sudden loud noises. By using the »neighbour friendly« Sound Lock application, you will no longer disturb the people around you while watching your favorite movies and shows.

Sound Lock allows you to limit the volume of your playback by detecting the loudness and lowering it to the level you have set. So you no longer have to bother with the loud action scenes and sound volume going through the roof. Sound Lock adjusts the system volume per channel (up to 14 channels) and generates a smooth sound output by lowering the volume during loud scenes. It therefore enables you to watch movies without having to adjust the volume manually every time it increases over the level of your comfort.
The application allows you to easily set the sound output limit by dragging the bar to the desired level.

Sound lock in action
For a better insight, Sound Lock displays sound output level for every channel currently in use. There are also some additional features you may find useful, such as applying Sound Lock only to specific channels or sound devices.
Sound Lock is free and available for download from our website, just click the FREE DOWNLOAD button on the right. We hope you find the application useful and would appreciate to receive your feedback and suggestions at

Available for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2008.

Note: Some applications may display a on screen volume indicator every time Sound Lock changes the volume. We are curently working on a new version that will fix this problem and will be released shortly.

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