Why develop for Android?


Enter the world's leading mobile market - Google Play

Why you should consider developing for Android

Nowadays, mobile apps play a big part in how we spend our time. Given the fact that the number of users is steadily rising, we are well aware of the implications of delivering a well crafted app within the designated timeframe.

Who benefits the most

Android apps are a suitable choice for large and small enterprises. One that can be a startup or an established company working in various fields, such as health and medicine, markets and stores, culture, architecture or even academical.



million apps are available on the Google Play store. Make sure yours is next.


billion downloads. Entering the market opens up countless possibilities.


billion devices work on Android platform. Still having doubts?

We develop hybrid, native and web based android apps, which can provide you with valuable tools and help you boost your traffic and income.

Conduct business across the globe

Because of the popularity of Android platform, a need for new apps in Google Play store is on the rise. Make sure your work is visible to users across the world and seize one of the many opportunities that await.

Allow us to help you get there.

Our creative and experienced team will develop your concept and polish all the details to deliver you an app you will love. We focus on the whole process and approach the development based on your needs and preferences.

Why choose 3 APPES to build your Android app

Our skilled staff will gather and analyse all information about your needs and preferences, and by doing so it will ensure that the finished app is crisp, fluid and executes perfectly. We are aware that great functionality must be complemented by a great design, and that is why our designers will make sure that the app will turn out just the way you want it to.

360° solution






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