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Web apps have numerous advantages and allow you to interact with your users through browsers

Why should you decide to develop a web app?

Web apps are a great choice when you want to reach the widest audience. Their main advantage is that they run on web browsers. The development is more cost efficient and less time consuming.

Because native and web apps have certain differences in the way they are developed and how they run, it is smart to research and understand your needs. 3 APPES can establish what your needs are and advise you on the best choice for your business model. That way we can provide you with the best solution for your specific needs.





Key advantages of web apps

When you are developing a cross-platform compatible app, the web app is your best solution. It allows for a unified development and provides a coherent user experience accross all devices and platforms. While maintaining compatibility and user experience, you will also save time and money.

No installs

Web apps are easily accessible directly in your browser.

No updates

Updates are performed in the background, while maintaining the known user experience.

Check out some of our work

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Development of a responsive web application,
intended for sourcing a legal help.
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Development of an application for
financial transactions and their overview.

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Hofer Facility Management

Development of a responsive
web application.
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Gajo Group

Development of a web application to review
sent packages and for informing
customers about their delivery
via SMS.

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Stara šola za nove ideje

Development of a web application,
an interactive crossword puzzle.
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Shopify-CRM synchronisation

Development of web application,
an interface for data synchronisation
between Shopify and CRM.
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CS:GO Lottery

Development of web application,
responsive design.

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Development of a responsive
web application for generating,
editing and archiving invoices.