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Our job is to develop responsive websites for our clients, while using state of the art tools and techniques.

When you trust us with developing your new website, you can expect a full service which includes market research, design and development. We will thoroughly test your website to make sure it’s ready for launch. Our team has extensive experience with developing a wide variety of websites, and we use it to help and guide you through the process, providing you with advice according to your needs and preferences.

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Check out some of our work

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Development of a responsive web application,
intended for sourcing a legal help.

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Development of an application for
financial transactions and their overview.

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Hofer Facility Management

Development of a responsive
web application.

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Gajo Group

Development of a web application to review
sent packages and for informing
customers about their delivery
via SMS.

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Stara šola za nove ideje

Development of a web application,
an interactive crossword puzzle.

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Random Salad Games website

Development of a responsive corporate
website with integration of support
management for games.

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NC Planica website

Development of a responsive website,
with plugin integration.

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DARS Na poti

Responsive multipurpose website
development, integration of an
interactive map and several plugins.

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SHOPPII system

Complete development of the
system, interface (API) and mobile
apps for Android and iOS.

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GO4 Jobs Landing page

Responsive design and development
of landing page for mobile app presentation.

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Sound Lock Landing page

Responsive design and development
of representational page.